I recommend booking as soon as possible.

I only book one event per day so my availability is limited.

Please See Pricing Page!

if you visit the pricing page you will see all of my prices. I make this a stress-free part of the process.

Half at signing, Half upon arrival, or anytime prior!

Simple and straight forward. Take all forms of payment.

Do Not Play Lists are very important!

When it comes to weddings and songs. You do not want to play some ones old wedding song or any song that can create bad feelings in a guest. I provide a breakdown "questionnaire" that includes this and many other aspects that make your big day run smoothly!

Download the Questionnaire →

I am DJ Dan NEPA

I am the one that you are booking, If I am booked I may refer other DJs but none work for me, or will be sent out in my place.

I meet in what ever fashion suits the couple! Zoom, in peron or on the phone!

Lets Meet up!! →

Sometimes tough to get answered but there are a few Videos as well...

Most events that I perform at are private so I can not invite people to them. When I am at a public event you can find it on my website, facebook or other social media and can come personally.

I Provide both of these services

Suit and Tie. When I show up to set up, I will be in polo and dress shorts or pants depending on the weather.


As the old song goes Have love will travel. I, like the boss, will go anywhere that will have me

I give myself ample time but don't need alot

I show up between an hour and two hours depending on the location and equipment needed.

I always come with two set ups ready to go

Check out my Playlists on YouTube, Spotify, and more

Have begun the process of continuously updating my lists on these programs to give brides and grooms a few tips and musical pointers. I even Blog about it!

Just some of the Most Frequently asked questions!