and How Long he has been entertaining

DJ Dan Got his start in music at birth. The love of music was strong and grew to become a collector of music any album, cassette, CD, and now MP3 he could get his hand on he did.

His first gig as a DJ came in High school hooking a few old speakers together to host a party. Then when working at McDonald's at the age of 17 a co-worker had a daughter who was getting married, and DJ Dan Was born.

It wasn't as much a paying gig as this lady put her Radio Shack credit card on the line to allow him to get all the starter equipment needed 2 speakers an amp, a microphone, and a mixing board the rest he jacked from his home stereo and carrying a crate of CDs, Records, and cassettes he performed his first wedding. no pictures currently available from that faithful night but he'd live on doing bars and some private parties part-time for the next ten-plus years.

Till his equipment went up in smoke one day and he had to start all over. For 4 years he went into retirement until 2017 when he resurfaced at a tricky tray for a friend and re-lit the flame that initially fueled his life. He now continues to grow his equipment and reputation and is booking weddings and parties quicker and bigger than ever before.

And he thanks all past, present, and future customers for the support and wants to keep bringing the joy that music can bring to all who need it.

A DJ's Journey